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6-Note Yoga Meditation Tongue Drum: Soothing Handpan Sound with Drumming Hammer- Black

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Elevate your meditation with Maxbell's Yoga Meditation Music Drum for relaxation

Music Drum for Meditation and Yoga

Immerse yourself in the tranquil world of meditation music with Maxbell 6-Note Yoga Meditation Tongue Drum. This instrument is not just a musical tool; it's a portal to peace and serenity. Ideal for those seeking to deepen their meditation practices or add a soulful touch to their musical journey.

Features and Benefits of Meditation Tongue Drum Music for Yoga and Relaxation:

Promotes relaxation and stress relief

Meditation Music Drum for relaxation and Yoga

Melts away tension and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Versatile Use of 6-Note Yoga Meditation Tongue Drum:

versatile use of Music Drum

Perfect for yoga sessions, meditation practices, or as a unique musical instrument for performers.

Portable and lightweight Meditation Tongue Drum:

Portable and Light weight Music Drum

Take your mindfulness practice anywhere with ease.

How Meditation Drum Works

  1. Simple Playability: Easy to play, even for beginners, with a gentle hand movement producing melodious sounds.
  2. Care Instructions: Keep away Yoga Meditation Tongue Drumfrom water and handle with care to maintain its pristine condition.
  3. Customer Support: For assistance, reach out to us at +91 9336186133 or email

This Musical Drum is not just a tool for music; it's an ally towards peace and mindfulness. Its soothing handpan sounds are ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their yoga and meditation experiences, or simply to bring a calming influence into their environment.

  • FAQ

    Q: What is Maxbell Yoga Meditation Music Drum Handpan?
    A: The Maxbell Yoga Meditation Music Drum Handpan is a handpan drum that is designed to be used for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. It is made from high-quality steel and has a beautiful, calming sound. The handpan is tuned to a specific scale that is designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness.

    Q: Is this drum suitable for beginners in music?
    A: Absolutely, it's designed for easy use by both beginners and experienced musicians.

    Q: Can the drum be used outdoors?
    A: Yes, but avoid exposure to extreme elements to maintain its quality.

    Q: What maintenance does the drum require?
    A: Regular cleaning and careful handling are sufficient for maintaining its condition.

    Q: What are the benefits of using a handpan for yoga and meditation?
    A: The many benefits are promoting relaxation and stress relief, Improving focus and concentration, Boosting the immune system, Lowering blood pressure, Improving sleep quality

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