Disclaimer - crowcrowcrow


Crowcrowcrow adheres to the following policies set

Users acknowledge and agree that they are accessing services on the Crowcrowcrow marketplace platform (hereinafter denoted as ‘Platform’) and carrying out transactions at their own risk and making use of their sensible judgement prior to entering into any transactions through our website

We will neither be legally responsible for activities or delays by sellers nor any illustrations, warranties or breach of conditions by the sellers or makers of the goods and hereby explicitly refute any liability and obligation in that regard. In addition, we specifically refute any illustrations or warranties with regard to performance, quality, consistency, safety, accurateness, suitability, or validity of the products listed or shown on www.crowcrowcrow.com. We shall not resolve or settle any disagreement between the user and sellers or product manufacturers

In order to help users find products of their preferences, Crowcrowcrow offers visual illustrations on its Platform such as images, videos, pictures, infographics, screenshots, diagrams, tables, and other visual supports. Although judicious attempts are made to provide correct visual illustrations, Crowcrowcrow refutes any warranty or guarantee of accuracy of such visual illustration or description of the product, with the actual product which is ultimately delivered to the user

Users agree that any requests related to order delivery which includes non-delivery of order or signature authentication shall be communicated to Crowcrowcrow within 2 days from the declared date of product delivery displaying on our portal. No communication from the user’s end about non-delivery in the duration mentioned shall be understood as deemed delivery with regard to that transaction. Crowcrowcrow refutes any liability for any claims arising out of non-delivery of order after 2 days from the declared
date of product delivery displaying on our portal

Crowcrowcrow will attempt to make sure that users don’t face any problems while accessing the Platform. Nonetheless, when the web-site is under maintenance or being updated, user access might be curbed for certain duration. Please keep in mind that we do not accept responsibility for any issues which might occur owing to Internet problems at the user’s end. Crowcrowcrow, at its sole decision, will reserve at all times, the right to deny access to the Platform, dismiss accounts, edit or delete content

Services contained within or otherwise provided to the users on the Platform are offered on an ‘as is’ basis without any illustrations or warranties, express or implicit, except for otherwise stated in writing


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