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Welcome to crowcrowcrow.com. The terms and conditions mentioned below are according to the provisions listed in Information Technology Act 2000. This document is an electronic record created by a computer system and does not need any digital or physical signatures.

crowcrowcrow.com (collectively “Platform”) is owned by Color Papers India Private Limited, which has its registered office located at Color Papers India Private Limited | 2nd & 3rd floor, Vrindavan Building Survey No K-3970, Mira Gaon | Mira Road East, Thane – 401107 | Maharashtra.

Using Crowcrowcrow and its services are controlled by the terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) stated below as valid to Crowcrowcrow including the appropriate policies which are included herein by reference. When you use our Platform, you will be contracting with Color Papers India Private Limited, the owner of Crowcrowcrow. These terms and conditions together with the policies establish your binding agreements with Crowcrowcrow.

Any individual who uses or accesses the Platform in any way (hereinafter referred to as “users”, “you”, “your”), will be subject to these Terms of Use and be obliged by the policies framed by crowcrowcrow.com. The name “Crowcrowcrow”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” will indicate Color Papers India Private Limited and its affiliates. crowcrowcrow.com reserves the right at its sole discretion, to add, delete, change, or alter parts of these terms and conditions, at any point of time without giving You any prior notice in writing. You need to make sure that you go through these Terms of Use once in a while to check for any changes or important updates. Your continual usage of the Platform after the publishing of modifications denotes Your agreement to the changes.

1. Creating User Account and Maintaining Confidentiality:

To use the services on Crowcrowcrow, You will have to register on the Platform. Signing up is a quick, one-time procedure and it is free. When You sign up on our Platform, You will be liable for maintaining the privacy of Your E-mail address, password, and mobile number. You will also be liable for all the activities which happen under Your E-mail address, password, and mobile number. You consent that if You provide any details which are incomplete, false, or incorrect, Crowcrowcrow has the right to terminate or put on hold or bar access to Your account on the Platform for an indefinite period.

In addition, Users agree that they will exit/sign out from their account after every session. Users will instantly inform Crowcrowcrow in the event of any illegal use or violation of their account.

2. Services Offered on the Platform:

Crowcrowcrow allows Users to buy authentic premium products in various categories such as electronics, beauty products, fashion accessories, clothing, luxury goods, baby products, automotive accessories, from various brands and a lot more. We offer different methods of payment on our Platform to buy the merchandise. Purchase of such products is controlled by detailed policies related to sale such as shipping policy, returns and refunds policy, cancellation policy and so on. Users must read these policies carefully before placing their order.

When You place a return request, You have to click on the check box and thereby confirm that the product being returned is not used and the original labels are undamaged. In the event that the product returned by You is damaged or used or the original labels are not present, the return request will be rejected and the product in question will be sent back to You. In such cases wherein the return request is rejected, You will not be entitled for a refund and Crowcrowcrow accepts no responsibility with respect to this.

Moreover, if You refuse to accept delivery of the understood re-shipped product, You will continue to be not entitled for a refund. Crowcrowcrow takes no responsibility with regards to either the return, or refund of that particular product.

Users consent, understand, and accept that Crowcrowcrow is an online platform which allows them to buy products catalogued on the Platform at the value shown therein at any time. Users further consent and accept that We are merely a facilitator and We cannot influence in any way, any transactions on the Platform.

Crowcrowcrow does not guarantee that the content published on the Platform is precise, detailed, free of errors, or reliable and accepts no responsibility with respect to this.

3. User Conduct:

You consent, accept, and validate that Your usage of the Platform will be meticulously controlled by the obligatory rules given below:

  • You will not upload, alter, broadcast, share, exhibit, update, or publish any information which:
    1. Which is untrue, incorrect, or deceiving in any manner
    2. Encourages illegitimate activities or behaviour which is frightening, obscene, defamatory, or malicious
    3. Includes the broadcast of unwanted mass mailing, junk, or spam mail
    4. Violates any trademark, copyright or other patented rights or third party’s business secrets or rights of promotion or confidentiality
    5. Is unacceptably offensive, pornographic, damaging, paedophilic, distressing, defamatory, intrusive of another individual’s privacy, promotes gambling, repulsive, racially distasteful or otherwise illicit in any way at all
    6. Includes images or videos of another individual with a grown-up or a minor
    7. Gives instructional details regarding unlawful activities like creating or purchasing illegal arms, infringing someone’s privacy, or developing computer viruses
    8. Attempts to acquire illegal access or goes beyond the limit of lawful access to the Platform or other areas such as blogs, account details, communities or seeks personal details such as passwords from other users for business or illegal objectives
    9. Will not produce obligation for Us or cause Us to lose completely or partially the services of Our Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    10. Breaches any law which is presently in effect
    11. Is the property of another individual and to which You do not hold any rights
    12. Comprises of curbed or password-only access pages
    13. Hampers another User’s usage of the Platform and services
    14. Endangers the integrity, harmony, safety, power, or security of India
  • Crowcrowcrow could cancel any order (at any step of the product delivery) which categorizes as ‘Fraud Orders’ on the basis of certain conditions given below as well as any added criteria as outlined by Us:
    1. The products are ordered for resale purpose and not for self-utilization
    2. Untrue address mentioned in order particulars
    3. The order is placed using a technical malfunction or any other malpractice
    4. Several orders are placed for the same product with the same delivery address, depending on the product group

  • A User could be deemed to be fraudulent or loss to organization as a result of dishonest activities if any of the conditions mentioned below are satisfied:
    1. User provides untrue E-mail address, phone number, and delivery address
    2. Repetitive requests for financial reimbursement for used or fake order
    3. Refusal to pay for the order
    4. Inability to produce sufficient documents required for processing the order successfully
    5. Wrong product returned by User
    6. Exploitation of another User’s E-mail address or phone number
    7. Usage of a distinct voucher not attached to the Email address used
    8. Misuse of a voucher code
    9. Various activities carried out with the prime objective to cause revenue loss/damage to Crowcrowcrow

  • Users shall not use Crowcrowcrow for any dishonest and illegitimate purposes that could result in nuisance and exploit any rules and policies of the firm
  • Users shall not make use of any automatic tool, process, or program to duplicate, access, gain, or scrutinise any content or segment of the Platform, or in any manner replicate or bypass the navigational configuration of the Platform, to gain or try to gain any data, documents, files, materials, or any details by any methods not intentionally made available on the Platform. Crowcrowcrow reserves the right to block and prohibit such kind of activity
  • You shall not pretend that You are, or that You embody somebody else, or pretend to be any other person
  • Users shall not try to obtain illegal access to any feature or segment of the Platform, or any other techniques or networks linked to the Platform or to any computer, server or to any of the services provided on the Platform, by hacking or any other unlawful methods
  • On particular landing pages, Crowcrowcrow lets their Users engage in free discussion of ideas and allows them to ‘post comments’ and look at ‘user generated content’ and/or videos. By posting, watching, or accessing any user generated content on any particular page on Crowcrowcrow; Users agree and accept the procedures defined in these Terms of Use together with any additional provisions described by Us on the Platform. Users consent and agree that when posting, watching, or accessing any user generated content on such pages, they shall not exploit, bother, or impersonate any User or infringe or abuse any of these Terms of Use of the Platform
  • In no event shall Crowcrowcrow take any responsibility for any content published on the Platform or for any losses or claims arising from usage or development of content on the Platform. Users hereby signify and guarantee that they possess all the required rights for all the content which they provide and all details it comprises and that such content will not violate any trademarked rights or rights of third parties or have any illicit, defamatory information
  • Crowcrowcrow hereby refutes any guarantees of exactitude with regards to the size, look, color, appearance etc. of the product which is ordered by the User. Crowcrowcrow offers Users the choice to return or exchange products purchased on our Platform in the specified exchange period. Please read the ‘Returns and Refunds Policy’ carefully

4. Disclaimer of Guarantees and Obligation

All the products and services provided to You on Crowcrowcrow are offered on “as is” and “as available” basis without any illustrations or guarantees, explicit or implicit except otherwise stated in writing. 

Products sold on Crowcrowcrow are controlled by diverse state laws. In case, We are not able to send such products owing to repercussions of different state laws, We will cancel the order and refund the full amount to You. When You place an order on the Platform, You will be asked to enter a valid mobile number. By listing Your mobile number with Crowcrowcrow, You agree to be contacted by Our customer support team through e-mails and/or SMS or Whatsapp messages to give important updates regarding your order, shipment, or delivery. We shall not make use of your personal details to initiate any marketing calls or messages.


5. Contents Published on Platform:

All content, pictures, music, symbols, illustrations, charts, and user/graphic interface is third-party user generated content and Crowcrowcrow has no check over such content. We only act as a liaison for the purpose of this Terms and Conditions. This content shall be Our material and You give Us continuous, transferable, and universal entitlements for such content.

You can make use of or download the information knowingly given on the Platform about the products and services on condition that:

You do not make any alterations to the information
You do not delete any copyrighted notice writing in all duplicates of such files
You do not create any added illustrations or guarantees pertaining to such information
You use the information solely for your personal, non-commercial objective and you do not publish or broadcast such information in any channel of media

6. Trademark and Copyright:

The Platform is managed solely by Crowcrowcrow. All kinds of material published on the Platform, containing pictures, illustrations, and audio/video clips are protected by trademarks and copyrights. This material is only for your personal usage. You should not distribute, duplicate, upload, post, republish, or pass on such material in any manner, whether directly or indirectly. You should not help any other individual to do so.

Alteration of the material or usage of the material for any intention besides personal use will be regarded as infringement of the trademarks and copyrights which is proscribed. It is explicitly made clear that You shall hold ownership and will be exclusively responsible for any content provided or uploaded by You while using any service, such as information, pictures, text, images, sound/video clips or any other material that you might broadcast or upload while using our different services.

Nonetheless, Crowcrowcrow reserves the right to replicate or use any content which You have uploaded and You agree to give Us royalty free, permanently, irreversibly, entirely, and universal rights to use the content for practical commercial purpose.

7. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability:

You consent to indemnify, support, and deem harmless Crowcrowcrow, its directors, employees, representatives, affiliates, agents, advisors, and licensors from and against any and all third-party dues, damages, obligations, losses and/or expenses including acceptable attorney fees, charged by any third party or fine levied due to Your violation of these Terms, Privacy Policy and other policies, or Your breach of any law, rules or the rights (comprising infringement of intellectual property rights) of a third party.

To the highest degree allowed by law, in no event shall Crowcrowcrow be responsible for any penalising, indirect, secondary, distinct, significant losses or any other losses arising from:

  1. The usage or incapability to use the products or services
  2. Violation of illustrations, condition, or guarantees by the maker of the products
  3. Illegal access to or modification of the user’s communications or data
  4. Any other matter pertaining to the platform or the services
  5. Crowcrowcrow will not be held liable for non-availability of the platform for the duration of periodic maintenance tasks or any unexpected interruption of access to the platform
  6. To the highest level, which is permitted as per law, our liability will be restricted to a sum equal to the purchased value of the products bought by You

Crowcrowcrow is not obliged to resolve/settle any dispute or disagreement between two or more Users of the Platform. Users realize and consent that any data downloaded from the Platform is done completely at the Users’ own risk and choice. They will be solely accountable for any harm to their mobile phone or data loss which might occur from downloading such data.

8. Disclaimer:

Please read Our Disclaimer which is available on https://crowcrowcrow/disclaimer

9. Termination:

We might terminate or put on hold Your usage of Crowcrowcrow or any service if we believe, at our sole discretion that You have violated, infringed, fraudulently manipulated, or abused any term of these Terms and Conditions or anyway else behaved dishonestly.
Aside from anything in this section, these Terms and Conditions will continue for an indefinite period unless and until Crowcrowcrow decides to terminate them.

In the event that You or Crowcrowcrow stop Your usage of the Platform, We might remove any content or any other content pertaining to Your use of the Platform. We shall hold no obligation to You or any third party for doing so. Nevertheless, Your transaction history might be maintained by Us for taxation reasons or governing compliance.
Crowcrowcrow may individually terminate Your account on any occasion as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Unsettled reimbursements if any shall be forgone in such events. Decision to reimburse refunds or process return requests if any will be at our sole discretion.
If You deceive Crowcrowcrow by providing numerous address and contact numbers, carry out transactions in bad faith, use any fake e-mail addresses, use the Platform for any illegal objectives which might produce inconvenience and exploit any policy and guidelines of the organisation, then Crowcrowcrow reserves the right to deny You access to the Platform, terminate Your account together with any connected accounts without giving You any notice.

10. Force Majeure:

Crowcrowcrow shall not be held accountable for any deferral or inability to adhere to its obligations if the deferral or inability results from any reason which is beyond Crowcrowcrow’s realistic control.

11. Grievance Redressal:

If You have any complaint with regard to the Platform, comprising with regard to any exploitation on the Platform, comprising any grievances or inconsistencies with regard to handling of information, You can send an E-mail to the Grievance Manager at support@crowcrowcrow.in

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

These terms, conditions, and all transactions accomplished between You and Crowcrowcrow and the association between You and Crowcrowcrow is controlled by Indian laws, without mention to any dispute of laws. The location of jurisdiction will be exclusively
in Mumbai.

Color Papers India Private Limited

CIN Number: U51909MH2021PTC353628

Color Papers India Private Limited | 2nd & 3rd floor, Vrindavan Building Survey No K-3970, Mira Gaon | Mira Road East, Thane – 401107 | Maharashtra.


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