Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes for Feet Shower Brush | Foot Scru

Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes for Feet Shower Brush | Foot Scrubber

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Slippers Massager Bath Shoes: Elevate Your Foot Care Routine

Introducing Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes – your passport to blissful foot care! Tired, achy feet after a long day? Seeking a spa-like experience right in your bathroom? Look no further. Elevate your foot care routine with these remarkable Slippers Massager Bath Shoes, designed to pamper and rejuvenate your feet with every step.

Features & Benefits

Slippers Massager Bath Shoes

Enjoy a luxurious foot massage with every step, alleviating stress and tension. Elevate your shower experience as you effortlessly exfoliate and cleanse your feet. Limited stock available! Grab the ultimate foot care solution.

  Feet Shower Brush

Soft bristles pamper your feet, promoting blood circulation and relaxation. Gently cleanses and massages, making each shower a spa-like indulgence. Experience the joy of pampered feet today


Foot Scrubber

Removes dead skin, calluses, and rough patches, leaving your feet soft and supple. Enhances the effectiveness of your foot care routine, making it more enjoyable. Don't miss the chance to show your feet some love!

Foot Care Shoes


Durable, comfortable, and designed to fit most foot sizes. Versatile for indoor and outdoor use, making them a must-have addition to your footwear collection. Upgrade your foot care game with Maxbell's exceptional quality.

How it Works

Using Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Step In: Put on your Slippers Massager Bath Shoes just like regular slippers.

  2. Shower: Enjoy your shower as usual, feeling the gentle massage of the Feet Shower Brush.

  3. Exfoliate: While showering, use the built-in Pumice Stone Foot Scrubber to remove calluses and dead skin.

Safety Considerations:

  • Keep your Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes away from prolonged water exposure.

  • Avoid dropping or mishandling the built-in Pumice Stone Foot Scrubber.

  • For any concerns or assistance, contact our helpline at +91 9336186133 or email us at

Other Details

  • Weight : 500 g
  • FAQ

    Q: Are these Slippers Massager Bath Shoes one-size-fits-all?
    A: Yes, Maxbell Slippers Massager Bath Shoes are designed to fit most foot sizes comfortably.

    Q: How often should I use the Pumice Stone Foot Scrubber?
    A: Use it as needed. Most users find once or twice a week to be sufficient for maintaining soft, callus-free feet.

    Q: Are the bristles of the Feet Shower Brush too harsh on sensitive skin?
    A: No, the bristles are designed to be gentle yet effective for all skin types.

    Q: Is it safe to use the Foot Scrubber on wet skin?
    A: Yes, the Foot Scrubber is designed for use during your shower routine on wet skin.

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