Maxbell Pull and Go Kayak Duck Bath Toy - Wind-Up Fun for Kids
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Maxbell Pull and Go Kayak Duck Bath Toy - Wind-Up Fun for Kids

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Pull and Go Kayak Duck Bath Toy - Splish, Splash, and Fun in the Bath

Is it a challenge to get your little ones excited about bath time? Maxbell has the perfect solution – the Pull and Go Kayak Duck Bath Toy. Say goodbye to bath time struggles and hello to endless giggles and creative play in the tub.
Dive into imaginative playtime with Maxbell's Pull and Go Kayak Duck Bath Toy. Watch your kids delight in the joys of bath time. Shop now and let the adventures begin!

Features & Benefits

Pull and Go Action:

Simply wind up the toy by pulling the string, and watch it go! Your child can send the kayak duck on thrilling adventures in the bathtub, making bath time an exciting experience.

Benefit: Transform mundane bath times into imaginative journeys.


Safe and Durable:

Maxbell prioritizes your child's safety. This toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring it's safe for your little one to play with during bath time.

Benefit: Enjoy peace of mind while your child has a blast in the tub.


Perfect for Boys and Girls:

This delightful duck bath toy is designed to appeal to both boys and girls. It's a gender-neutral, engaging toy that sparks creativity and imaginative play.

Benefit: Encourage play that knows no boundaries.


Enhances Motor Skills:

As your child winds up the toy and watches it paddle through the water, they're developing essential motor skills, coordination, and hand-eye dexterity.

Benefit: Bath time becomes an opportunity for growth and learning.

How it Works

  1. Wind up the kayak duck's string by pulling it.
  2. Place the duck in the bathwater.
  3. Watch as it propels forward, creating ripples of fun.

Safety Considerations

  • Although the toy is designed for bath time, it's essential to ensure your child is supervised during play in the water to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid winding the string too tightly to prevent potential damage to the toy.

Other Details

  • Weight : 200 g
  • FAQ

    Q1: Is this toy suitable for toddlers?
    A1: Yes, this bath toy is designed for toddlers and young children to enjoy during bath time.

    Q2: Can I use this toy in any water type, like a pool or a kiddie pool?
    A2: While it's primarily designed for bathtub play, you can use it in shallow, supervised pool play as well.

    Q3: Is it easy to wind up the toy for my child?
    A3: Yes, winding up the toy is easy, making it accessible for young children.

    Q4: Can the toy float on the water?
    A4: Yes, the kayak duck is designed to float on the water, adding to the fun during bath time.

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