Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock - Smart, Secure, and Stylish Cabinet P
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Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock - Smart, Secure, and Stylish Cabinet Protection

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Fingerprint Drawer Lock: Secure Your Space with Smart Technology

Upgrade your home security and add a touch of modern convenience with the Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock. Imagine effortlessly securing your belongings, accessing them within a fraction of a second, and eliminating the need for traditional keys. It's time to experience peace of mind, style, and cutting-edge technology all in one.

Features & Benefits:

Fingerprint Unlock in 0.3 Seconds:

Say goodbye to fumbling for keys. With the Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock, your unique fingerprint is the key. Unlock your drawer or cabinet in a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds, saving you time and frustration.

Emergency USB Power Supply:

Worried about power outages? We've got you covered. This smart lock features an emergency USB power supply option, ensuring you can always access your valuables, even when the batteries run low.

Sleek and Invisible Design:

We understand the importance of aesthetics. The lock is designed to be discreet, keeping your furniture's visual appeal intact. It's a seamless addition to any cabinet, drawer, or storage unit.

Robust Security:

Your security is our priority. This lock uses advanced fingerprint recognition technology that's difficult to hack, ensuring your belongings remain safe and protected.

How It Works:

Using the Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock is effortless:

  1. Quick Setup: Register your fingerprints by following the easy setup instructions provided.

  2. Unlock with a Touch: Place your registered finger on the sensor, and in a fraction of a second, the lock will release, granting you access.

  3. Emergency USB Power: In case of low battery or power outage, connect an external power source via USB to regain access.

Safety & Maintenance:

  • Avoid Water Exposure: While the lock is robust, it's essential to keep it away from direct water exposure to maintain its functionality.

  • Regular Battery Checks: Ensure you periodically check and replace the lock's batteries to avoid any interruptions in functionality.

Other Details

  • Weight : 300 g
  • FAQ

    Q: Can I add multiple fingerprints for family members?
    A: Absolutely! You can register multiple fingerprints, making it convenient for everyone in your household.

    Q: Is this lock suitable for outdoor use?
    A: The Maxbell Fingerprint Drawer Lock is designed for indoor use on cabinets, drawers, and furniture.

    Q: Is the fingerprint data stored securely?
    A: Yes, the fingerprint data is securely stored within the lock, ensuring your privacy and security.

    Q: Can I remove the lock without damaging my furniture?
    A: Yes, the punch-free installation allows for easy removal without harming your furniture.

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