Spiral LED Table Lamp for Bedroom and Living Room with Minimalist Desi
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Spiral LED Table Lamp for Bedroom and Living Room with Minimalist Design

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Maxbell Spiral LED Table Lamps - Modern Elegance with Minimalist Design

Spiral Table Lamp

Are you ready to transform your living space with a touch of modern elegance? Maxbell presents the Nordic Spiral LED Table Lamp where stunning design meets energy-efficient functionality. Elevate your home's ambiance and make a statement with these captivating lamps.

Features and Benefits of Spiral Table Lamp for Bedroom:

Multi-Scene Applicable:

Unique Lamp for Home Decor

The spiral table lamp is portable, and suitable for living room, bedroom, Leisure and entertainment, hotel lobby, hotel room, etc. It is also a good gift to your friend.
The lamp's distinctive spiral shape is a masterpiece adding a touch of sophistication and artistry to your home decor.

Spiral Minimalist Design Unique Table Lamp For Home:

Unique Table Lamp

The Spiral LED Modern Table Lamps feature a unique spiral design that adds a touch of contemporary style to any room. It's not just a lamp; it's a work of art.

Easy to Use:

Spiral Lamp For Home Decor

With its simple on/off switch and plug-and-play setup, this spiral table lamp offers hassle-free operation, making it a convenient lighting solution for any space. 

How Spiral Minimalist Design Table Lamp works:

  1. Plug the lamp into a power source.
  2. Use the included dimmer switch to adjust the brightness to your liking.
  3. Position the lamp where you desire to create the perfect ambiance.

Safety Considerations: Keep the lamps away from water to avoid damage, and handle them with care to prevent accidental drops.

Why Choose the Maxbell Spiral LED Table Lamp for Living Room and Home Decor?

Choosing the right lighting for your space goes beyond just illuminating dark corners; it's about enhancing ambiance, ensuring safety, and promoting energy efficiency. The Maxbell Spiral LED Table Lamp stands out as a beacon of modern design and functionality for several compelling reasons:

  • Energy-Efficient LED: Equipped with integrated LED technology, this lamp provides long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.
  • Warm Ambient Lighting: Emitting a soft, warm glow, the Maxbell Spiral Table Lamp creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing evenings or intimate gatherings.
  • Durable and Safe: Crafted from high-quality materials, this lamp is built to last and designed with safety in mind, featuring a stable base and low-heat emission

For further assistance or inquiries, reach out to our customer service at +91 9336186133 or email support@crowcrowcrow.in.

Other Details

  • Weight : 300 g
  • FAQ

    Q1: Can I use these lamps for reading or working at a desk?
    A1: Absolutely! The dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness for various tasks.

    Q2: What is the lifespan of the LED bulbs?
    A2: LED bulbs have a long lifespan of up to 25,000 hours or more.

    Q3: Are these lamps suitable for bedrooms and living rooms?
    A3: Yes, the elegant design makes them suitable for any room in your home.

    Q4: Do the lamps come with a warranty?
    A4: Please refer to the product packaging or contact our customer service for warranty information.

    Q5: Can I replace the LED bulbs when they eventually burn out?
    A5: The LED bulbs in these lamps are long-lasting and not typically replaceable. They are designed to provide years of use.

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