Wooden Calendar Clock Toy Learning Seasons Weather Time Weeks- Educati
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Wooden Calendar Clock Toy Learning Seasons Weather Time Weeks- Educational Tool

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Maxbell Wooden Calendar Clock Toy for Kids: Fun Learning of Seasons, Weather, Time and Weeks

Kids playing with the Clock Toy

Introducing the Maxbell Wooden Calendar Clock Toy an educational masterpiece that combines learning and fun. This wooden puzzle toy brings together concepts of date, day of the week, month, weather, time, and season, offering children a comprehensive cognitive experience. Prepare your child for a world of knowledge and discovery with this exceptional educational tool.

Features and Benefits of Wooden Calender Clock Toy For Kids:

Interactive Calender Clock Learning Tool:

Wooden Calendar Clock Toy

The calendar clock is interactive and engaging. Children can move the clock hands, adjust the date, and explore the weather and seasons, making learning enjoyable.

Teaching Aid for Kids to learn Calender and Clocks:

teaching aid for cognitive skills

This educational toy serves as a valuable teaching aid. It helps children grasp abstract concepts in a tangible and accessible way, making it ideal for preschoolers and beyond.

Comprehensive Cognitive Wooden Calendar Clock Toy:

Educational Toy

The Maxbell Wooden Montessori Calendar Clock provides a comprehensive cognitive experience. It covers multiple aspects, including date, day of the week, month, weather, time, and season. This encourages holistic learning

How Maxbell Calendar Clock Toy Works:

Using the Maxbell Wooden Montessori Calendar Clock is easy and educational:

  1. Set the date, day of the week, and month using the movable wooden pieces.
  2. Adjust the clock hands to show the current time.
  3. Explore the weather and season by changing the corresponding pieces.
  4. Engage your child in conversations about what they've learned.

Safety Considerations:

  • Keep the wooden pieces and clocks away from water to prevent damage.
  • Ensure small pieces are kept out of reach of very young children to avoid choking hazards.
  • Adult supervision is recommended during play.

Common Problems and Solutions:

Problem: Wooden pieces are loose.

Solution: Ensure all pieces are securely placed in their designated slots.

Problem: Child loses interest.

Solution: Create fun challenges or games using the calendar clock to keep your child engaged.

Need Assistance? For any questions or assistance, please contact our customer service team at +91 9336186133 or email us at support@crowcrowcrow.in. We're here to support your child's learning journey!

  • FAQ

    Q: What age group is this calendar clock suitable for?
    A: The Maxbell Wooden Montessori Calendar Clock is ideal for children aged 3 and up, including preschoolers and early learners.

    Q: Is the calendar clock made from safe materials?
    A: Yes, it's crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring safety and durability.

    Q: Can children change the date and time on their own?
    A: Absolutely! The clock is designed to be user-friendly, encouraging independent exploration and learning.

    Q: How can this calendar clock benefit my child's education?
    A: It simplifies complex concepts, making it easier for children to understand and learn about time, dates, and seasons.

    Q: Is this toy suitable as a gift for special occasions?
    A: Yes, it's a thoughtful and educational gift that can enhance a child's learning experience while providing hours of fun.

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