Portable Automatic Toothpick Dispenser Easy Pop-up Toothpick Holder
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Portable Automatic Toothpick Dispenser Easy Pop-up Toothpick Holder

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Maxbell Easy-Pop Portable Automatic Toothpick Holder Dispenser

Video of the Product Use

The Maxbell Portable Automatic Toothpick Dispenser eliminates the hassle of searching for toothpicks. This ingenious device simplifies your dining experience and adds sophistication to your table. Picture the convenience of having toothpicks at your fingertips, elegantly presented in a portable holder.

Is your dining setup ready for an upgrade to ensure you're always prepared for post-meal cleanup or unexpected guests? The Maxbell Toothpick Holder is here to make it happen.

Features and Benefits of Maxbell Easy Pop-Up Toothpick Holder :

Automatic Portable Toothpick Dispenser:

Features of the product

This toothpick holder makes it easy to get a single toothpick with a simple press. You won't need to search through containers.

Portable and Stylish Toothpick Holder:

Toothpick Dispenser

The compact design allows you to carry it anywhere – from your dining table to picnics and outings. 

Hygienic Solution with Portable Automatic Toothpick Dispenser:

Hygiene Solution for your hands

Protect toothpick from dirt and keep them clean. Your guests will thank you for it.

Easy Refilling:

Easy opening and refilling

Conveniently refill the toothpick by opening the top lid. It's a quick and straightforward process.

How Maxbell Easy-Pop Portable Automatic Toothpick Holder Works:

  1. Fill the toothpick holder through the top lid with your preferred toothpicks.
  2. Place it on your dining table within easy reach.
  3. Simply press the top button to automatically dispense a toothpick.
  4. Enjoy the convenience of clean, accessible toothpicks for you and your guests.

Safety Considerations:

  • Keep the toothpick holder away from water and liquids to prevent damage.
  • Make sure it sits on a steady surface to prevent spills.
  • This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.


Issue: The Toothpick dispenser is not working.
Solution: Check if the toothpick holder has been correctly loaded with toothpicks. If the issue persists, contact our helpline for assistance.

Issue: It's hard to put toothpicks in.
Solution: Close the top lid tightly when adding more toothpicks, and don't fill it too much.

For Further Assistance:

We're here to enhance your dining experience:

  • FAQ

    Q1: What type of toothpicks are compatible with this holder?
    A1: This toothpick holder is designed to work with standard-sized wooden toothpicks, which are readily available in most stores.

    Q2: Can I use this holder for other small items?
    A2: While it's primarily designed for toothpicks, you can also use it for items like cocktail sticks or small skewers of similar dimensions.

    Q3: Is this holder easy to clean?
    A3: Yes, it can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. Ensure it's completely dry before refilling it with toothpicks.

    Q4: How many toothpicks can it hold at once?
    A4: The holder can accommodate approximately 30-40 standard-sized toothpicks, depending on their thickness.

    Q5: Can I take this holder on picnics or outdoor events?
    A5: Absolutely! Its portable design makes it perfect for outdoor dining and events, ensuring you always have toothpicks on hand.

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