Maxbell Leakproof Collapsible Water Bottle - 600ml Silicone Bottle
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Maxbell Leakproof Collapsible Water Bottle - 600ml Silicone Bottle

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600ml Leakproof Collapsible Water Bottle: Stay Hydrated Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine having a water bottle that's as versatile as your adventurous spirit. Introducing the Maxbell 600ml Leakproof Collapsible Water Bottle - your ideal companion for travel, gym workouts, camping expeditions, and invigorating hikes. Hydration meets innovation in this reusable silicone bottle with a unique foldable design. Quench your thirst while on the move, all while reducing your environmental footprint.

Features & Benefits

Leakproof Design:

Say goodbye to messy spills. The Maxbell Collapsible Water Bottle boasts a reliable leakproof seal, ensuring that your bag, backpack, or gym gear stays dry and your hydration stays intact.

Benefit: Enjoy a hassle-free and spill-free hydration experience.

Space-Saving Foldable Design:

This bottle's collapsible feature allows it to shrink down to a fraction of its size when empty, saving you valuable bag space. When expanded, it holds a generous 600ml (20oz) of liquid.

Benefit: Conveniently carry your water bottle without it taking up excess space when not in use.

Easy to Clean:

The wide-mouth design allows for effortless cleaning and refilling, ensuring your water always tastes fresh.

Benefit: Maintain the hygiene and taste of your beverages.

How it Works

Using the Collapsible Water Bottle is a breeze:

  1. Fill: Expand the bottle and fill it with your beverage of choice.

  2. Seal: Ensure the leakproof seal is securely in place.

  3. Hydrate: Sip, drink, and stay refreshed wherever you are.

Safety Considerations:

  • While the bottle is durable, avoid dropping it on hard surfaces to prevent damage.

Common Problems and Solutions:

  • Problem: The bottle has a plastic taste. Solution: Wash the bottle thoroughly with warm, soapy water and rinse before use.

  • Problem: The bottle won't collapse. Solution: Ensure it's empty before attempting to collapse it.

For further assistance, reach out to us:

Other Details

  • Weight : 150 g
  • FAQ

    Q1: Can I put hot beverages in this bottle?
    A1: Yes, this silicone bottle is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

    Q2: Is it dishwasher safe?
    A2: Yes, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

    Q3: How do I collapse the bottle?
    A3: Simply squeeze out the air and fold it from the bottom.

    Q4: Is it suitable for carbonated drinks?
    A4: While it can handle carbonated drinks, be cautious when opening to release pressure slowly.

    Q5: Can I use it for sports drinks?
    A5: Absolutely, it's versatile enough for a wide range of beverages.

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