Maxbell Plastic Folding Clothes Hanger - Portable Travel Hangers
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Maxbell Plastic Folding Clothes Hanger - Portable Travel Hangers

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Plastic Folding Clothes Hanger: Your Travel Wardrobe Essential

Are you tired of dealing with wrinkled clothes during your travels? Maxbell understands the importance of looking your best wherever you go. Introducing our Plastic Folding Clothes Hanger, the ultimate travel accessory that ensures your clothes remain neat, organized, and ready to wear. Elevate your travel experience with this compact, versatile solution.

Features & Benefits

Foldable Design:

Maxbell's Folding Clothes Hanger is designed for convenience. It folds easily, allowing you to pack it in your suitcase, backpack, or travel bag without taking up precious space.

Benefit: Stay organized and wrinkle-free while traveling light.



This hanger is exceptionally lightweight, making it the perfect companion for your travels. Hang your clothes anywhere, whether in a hotel room, dorm, or Airbnb.

Benefit: Say goodbye to crumpled clothes and hello to a well-organized travel wardrobe.

Seamless Construction:

Maxbell's hanger features a seamless, one-piece design, preventing snags, tears, or damage to your clothing.

Benefit: Protect your valuable clothing items during travel.

How it Works

Using the Folding Clothes Hanger is a breeze:

  1. Unfold: Simply unfold the hanger to its full size.

  2. Hang Clothes: Hang your clothes on the hanger, ensuring they remain wrinkle-free.

Safety Considerations:

  • Keep the hanger away from water to prevent damage.

Common Problems and Solutions:

  • Problem: The hanger won't fold. Solution: Ensure you're following the correct folding process.

  • Problem: Clothes slip off the hanger. Solution: Adjust the position of the clothes to prevent slipping.

For further assistance, reach out to us:

Other Details

  • Weight : 100 g
  • FAQ

    Q1: Is this hanger suitable for delicate fabrics?
    A1: Yes, the hanger's seamless design makes it safe for delicate clothing items.

    Q2: Can I use it for wet clothes?
    A2: It's best to keep the hanger away from moisture to avoid damage.

    Q3: How do I fold the hanger?
    A3: Follow the simple folding instructions provided with the hanger.

    Q4: Is it durable?
    A4: Yes, the hanger is designed for long-lasting use.

    Q5: Can I use it for heavy coats?
    A5: While it's versatile, it's best suited for lightweight and regular clothing.

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