Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner Wiper Brush: Automatic Water Discharge f
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Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner Wiper Brush: Automatic Water Discharge for Car and Home

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Maxbell Magnetic Window Cleaner with Automatic Water Discharge

Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

Are you tired of struggling with streaky and hard-to-reach windows during your cleaning routine? Maxbell has the answer to your cleaning woes. Our Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner with Automatic Water Discharge is here to revolutionize the way you clean windows. Say farewell to those frustrating streaks and hello to sparkling, crystal-clear windows with ease.

Features and Benefits of Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner:

Magnetic Window Cleaner: 

Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner for Car, and Home Cleaning

Strong double-sided special magnets and a highly absorbent sponge ensure excellent cleaning results. No need to stand on the window, especially for cleaning high-rise windows, the best tool for cleaning high-rise glass

Anti-falling Rope:

Anti-Falling Rope Tied to Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner Brush

When using this magnetic window glass cleaner, tie the 2.5m long safe anti-falling rope to your hand for a stable and safe cleaning experience.

Anti-pinch Separator:

Anti-Pinch Separator for Window Glass Cleaner

For thicker or double-layer or vacuum glass, strong magnetic force is required, so please use this magnetic glass wiper correctly. Hold the handle of the window cleaner, and rotate the two sides of the window cleaner by 90 degrees. Please pay attention to your hand when you close or take them apart.

How Magnetic Window Cleaner works:

Using Maxbell's Magnetic Window Cleaner is straightforward:

  1. Fill the water storage compartment with your preferred cleaning solution.
  2. Place one part of the cleaner on the inside of the window and the other on the outside, ensuring they align magnetically.
  3. Glide the cleaner across the window, letting the automatic water discharge system dispense the cleaning solution.
  4. Wipe away dirt and grime, leaving your windows sparkling clean.

Safety Considerations:

While the magnetic attraction is strong, exercise caution during use to prevent accidents. Keep the cleaner away from water sources and avoid dropping it.

Common Problems and Solutions:

  • Problem: The cleaner doesn't move smoothly.

    • Solution: Ensure both parts of the cleaner are securely aligned and that the window surface is clean.
  • Problem: Streaks or residue on the window.

    • Solution: Use a suitable cleaning solution and a clean, soft cloth for the best results.

For further assistance or inquiries, reach out to our customer service at +91 9336186133 or email

    Other Details

    • Demensions : 14 x 10 x 5 Centimeters
    • Weight : 200 g
    • FAQ

      Q1: Is this cleaner suitable for all types of windows?
      A1: Yes, our Magnetic Window Cleaner is designed to work on a variety of window sizes and shapes, making it suitable for most windows.

      Q2: Can I use my preferred cleaning solution with this cleaner?
      A2: Yes, you can fill the water storage compartment with your preferred cleaning solution for customized cleaning.

      Q3: How do I clean the cleaner after use?
      A3: Simply rinse the cleaner with water and wipe it dry after each use to maintain its effectiveness.

      Q4: Is it safe to use this cleaner on high-rise windows?
      A4: While it's safe for most windows, exercise caution when cleaning high-rise windows to prevent accidents.

      Q5: Can I use this cleaner for other glass surfaces, like mirrors and glass doors?
      A5: Yes, you can use this cleaner on various glass surfaces, including mirrors and glass doors, for streak-free cleaning.

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