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Portable Mesh Nebulizer for Kids and Adults: Battery Operated Travel Friendly Handheld

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Portable Handheld Mesh Nebulizer: Lightweight & Battery-Operated for Kids and Adults (No Hot Steam)

Breathe easier and live better with our Portable Mesh Nebulizer. This cutting-edge device is a premier nebulizer for kids and adults, ensuring optimum respiratory health for your entire family.

The portable nebulizer is meticulously designed to be travel-friendly. Whether you're journeying overseas or just stepping out for an errand, its lightweight and battery-operated functionalities ensure you have reliable support anytime, anywhere. Its compatibility as a portable nebulizer machine for travel is unparalleled, proving an essential inclusion in every nebulizer travel kit.

While it's a mini nebulizer in terms of size, its performance is anything but minimal. The battery nebulizer machine offers consistent and efficient aerosol therapy, making it a sought-after portable machine in India. Its handheld design caters to kids and adults, with handheld nebulizer mask available for all age group. The device is also a child-friendly nebulizer machine, ensuring the little ones are comfortable during their sessions.

Understanding users' varying needs, we've ensured it's adaptable for kids and adults. Our machine accommodates both, whether you prefer a nebulizer child mask or a adult mask. For parents, the child nebulizer ensures your child's utmost comfort.

The device's versatility extends further with its suitability as a home and travel nebulizer machine. Its function as a portable battery nebulizer for adults and kids ensures you always have essential respiratory support.

Each purchase is complemented with a user-friendly manual, helping customers understand and utilize their device to its full potential. With its user-centric design and multifunctional capabilities, this Portable Handheld Mesh Nebulizer is the ultimate respiratory solution for every household.


The Maxbell Nebulizer is the newest innovation in at-home respiratory care, built to reinvent inhalers and traditional nebulizers. This Portable nebulizer uses vibrations to put out an Ultrasonic mist that is easy to inhale. The fine mist penetrates deep into your airways, giving you the ability to Breathe Freely and focus on what matters most.


The Maxbell Nebulizeris made for anyone that needs to open up their airways, and it provides relief for everything from a common cold to COPD.

COPD and Asthma: It can be used with any medication that could be dispensed in a regular nebulizer. Our nebulizer is a great alternative to expensive inhalers and old-fashioned bulky nebulizers.

Common Colds and Allergies: It can also be used without medication. You can create an ultrasonic mist with water or a saline solution to clear your airways.

No Prescription Needed: Because our nebulizer can be used with and without medication, it is freely available without a prescription.

Over 56M Indians bravely battle lung conditions such as Asthma or COPD daily. And guess what? While our adults catch colds 4-6 times a year, our little warriors are ahead with 8-10! Let's unite for better respiratory health!

Compact and Travel-Friendly

With its small and lightweight design, this portable nebulizer is your perfect travel companion. Whether you're going on a family vacation or a business trip, you can take your inhalation therapy with you wherever you go.


Quick and Effective Inhalation

The vibrating mesh technology ensures rapid and efficient drug delivery, reducing treatment time and maximizing the effectiveness of your medication.


Whisper-Quiet Operation

The nebulizer operates quietly, allowing for discreet use even in public spaces or while sleeping.


Easy-to-Use Design

The one-button operation makes it incredibly simple to use, suitable for all age groups, including children and the elderly.


Product Specifications

Specification Details
Dimensions 1.95 inches (width) x  4.7(height)inches
Weight 300 gm
Power Source Rechargeable via USB cable & AA battery
Operating Noise Level Less than 50 dB
Suitable for Medications Liquid medications only


Reasons for Choosing the 1pc Portable Nebulizer

  • Cutting-edge vibrating mesh technology for faster and more effective drug delivery.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability during travel.
  • Whisper-quiet operation ensures discreet and peaceful usage.
  • Rechargeable battery for long-lasting convenience.
  • Suitable for all age groups, making it a versatile choice for the whole family.


Other Details

  • Manufacturer : Maxbell

About The Brand

Our brand is committed to providing innovative and reliable healthcare solutions. With years of experience in the medical industry, we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet international quality standards, ensuring that you receive top-notch performance and peace of mind.

  • FAQ

    Q: How often should I clean the nebulizer?
    A: It is recommended to clean the nebulizer after each use to maintain optimal performance and prevent contamination.

    Q: Can I use essential oils with this nebulizer?
    A: No, this nebulizer is designed for use with liquid medications only. Using essential oils may damage the device.

    Q: How long does each treatment session last?
    A: The duration of each treatment session varies depending on the medication dosage and individual requirements but typically ranges from 5 to 15 minutes.

    Q: Can I use this nebulizer with a mask or mouthpiece?
    A: Yes, our nebulizer comes with both a mask and a mouthpiece, providing flexibility for comfortable inhalation.

    Q: Is it suitable for asthma patients?
    A: While our nebulizer is effective for delivering medication, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional for personalized advice and treatment options for asthma management.

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