360-Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender: Multifunctional Non-Sli
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360-Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender: Multifunctional Non-Slip Base Car Accessory

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Maxbell Multifunctional Car Cup Holder Expander- Adjustable, Non-Slip Storage Holder for Water Bottle, Coffee Drinks Container 

Person using the Multifunction Car Cup Holder

Experience the ultimate convenience on your outdoor adventures with the Maxbell 360-Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender. Tired of searching for a secure spot for your essentials while driving? This multifunctional cup holder expander solves that problem and enhances your driving experience.

Features and Benefits of Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender:

Adjustable Fit with 360-Degree Rotation Holder Extender:

Adjustable Diameter

This cup holder expander is designed to fit most car cup holders. Its adjustable design ensures a snug and secure fit, keeping your items stable even on bumpy rides

2-In-1 Multifunctional Design:

2-in-1 Multifunction Design

Rotate the support shaft (360°) to transform one cup slot into two holders. Adjust the upper holder width (2.87"-5.9") to meet diverse storage needs efficiently. All-purpose car cup holders store cell phones, drinks, water cups, coffee, and ipad to make most of the space in the car.

Stable and Secure:

Stable, Non Slip Base

The 360-Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender's sturdy construction prevents items from tipping over or spilling during your drive. Enjoy a stress-free journey with no mess to clean up.

Combo Style:

Combo Style

The combination of cup holder expander and coaster reduces your tangled choices and meets more of your points of need; while being more cost-effective than buying them individually. The best gift to send love to your family and friends.

How 360-Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Extender Works:

Using the Maxbell Car Cup Holder Expander is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Adjust the expander to fit your car's cup holder.
  2. Place it securely in the cup holder, ensuring a stable fit.
  3. Organize your items in the various compartments for easy access during your drive.

Safety Considerations:

While using the cup holder expander, actively avoid placing heavy or fragile items that could become projectiles during sudden stops or turns for enhanced stability. Secure all items appropriately.

Encounter an issue? Here's what you can do:

  • Problem: The expander does not fit in my car's cup holder.
    • Solution: Ensure that the expander's adjustable fit is correctly configured for your car's cup holder size. It should fit snugly.

For further assistance, our helpline is available at +91 9336186133, or you can reach out via email at support@crowcrowcrow.in 

  • FAQ

    Q: Will this cup holder expander fit in my car's cup holder?
    A: Yes, the Maxbell Car Cup Holder Expander is designed to fit most standard car cup holders. Its adjustable design ensures a secure fit.

    Q: Can I use this expander for hot and cold beverages?
    A: Yes, you can use it for both hot and cold beverages. The expander is made of heat-resistant and durable materials.

    Q: Is it easy to clean and maintain?
    A: Absolutely! The expander is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down or remove it for more thorough cleaning as needed.

    Q: Can I use this expander in other vehicles like RVs or boats?
    A: While it's primarily designed for car cup holders, you can use it in other vehicles with compatible cup holder sizes.

    Q: Will my phone fit securely in the phone holder compartment?
    A: Yes, the phone holder compartment is designed to securely hold most standard-sized smartphones, providing easy access while driving.

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