7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen Ball Pen, Stylus, Ruler, Level, Screwdri
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7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen Ball Pen, Stylus, Ruler, Level, Screwdriver

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Maxbell 7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen- Ultimate with Pen, Stylus, Ruler and Screwdriver

Person showing the pen

Introducing our 7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen, a versatile and compact solution to handle various tasks with ease. This handheld tool is perfect for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone seeking convenience in their everyday life. This tool is one powerhouse with features like screwdriver, ballpoint pen, multifunctional measure tech ruler, screen stylus and spirit level.

Features and Benefits Of 7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen:

7 In 1 Multi Tool Pen:


Versatility of pen

Introducing our innovative 7 in 1 Multi Tool Pen, the ultimate handy tool that combines seven essential functions in one sleek and compact design. With this versatile tool, you'll have a screwdriver, ballpoint pen, ruler, stylus, and spirit level always at your fingertips, making it an essential addition to your school supplies or office accessories.

Screwdriver and Ballpoint Pen Combo:

How the pen is useful for household purpose

This multi-functional pen comes with both a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver, making it the perfect tool for quick fixes and adjustments. When you're not using the screwdriver, simply flip it over to access the smooth ballpoint pen for all your writing needs.

Built-in Ruler for Precision:

Built in Ruler

Need to measure on the go? No problem! Our Multi Tool Pen includes a built-in ruler with metric and imperial measurements for precise measurements on the go.

How Maxbell 7-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen Works:

  1. Easy Selection: Rotate the pen to select your desired function, be it writing or using the screwdriver.
  2. Safety Considerations: To maintain accuracy, keep the pen dry and avoid dropping it.

Troubleshooting: If the pen isn't writing smoothly, replace the refill. Always ensure the screwdriver head is securely in place before use.

Support: Have queries or need assistance? Call us at +91 9336186133 or drop an email at support@crowcrowcrow.in.

Other Details

  • Weight : 200 g
  • FAQ

    Q: How do I replace the ink refill in the pen?

    A: It's simple! Twist the pen body, remove the old refill, and insert the new one.

    Q: Is the pen heavy with all these features?
    A: Despite its multifunctionality, the pen is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for daily use.

    Q: Can the stylus be used on all touch screens?
    A: Yes, the stylus is designed to be universally compatible with all touch devices.

    Q: Is the spirit level accurate for professional use?
    A: While it provides accurate readings for daily tasks, for professional-level accuracy, it's always good to use dedicated tools.

    Q: How durable is the pen?
    A: Made with high-quality materials, the pen is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, offering long-lasting durability.

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