Self-Cleaning Hair Brush for Detangling, Scalp Massage, Anti-Static Pa
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Self-Cleaning Hair Brush for Detangling, Scalp Massage, Anti-Static Paddle Brush for Women

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One-Key Self-Cleaning Hair Brush For Women- Detangle, Cleanse, and Massage Your Scalp with Ease

Introducing the One-Key Self Cleaning Hair Brush - the ultimate hair care tool that simplifies your daily hair care routine. This innovative hairbrush features a 3D central airbag and unique bristle design that effectively detangles and massages your hair and scalp, while its one-click self-cleaning function keeps the brush clean and hygienic.

With its ergonomic design, the One-Key Self Cleaning Hair Brush fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to easily style and manage your hair without any strain or discomfort. Whether you have long or short, straight or curly hair, this versatile hairbrush is perfect for all hair types and textures.

Features and Benefits Of Hair Detangling Brush:

1. One-Key Self-Cleaning Mechanism: Simplify your hair care routine with the press of a button. This feature quickly and easily removes all hair from the brush, saving you time and hassle.
2. 3D Central Airbag: The unique airbag design gently massages the scalp while brushing, improving blood circulation and promoting hair growth. It's like a spa treatment with every stroke.
3. Gentle Detangling: Designed to detangle hair without pulling or breaking strands, this brush works wonders on wet or dry hair, making it perfect for all hair types and textures.
4. Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically crafted for comfort, the brush fits perfectly in your hand, providing a non-slip grip for better control during use.
5. Promotes Hair Health: Regular use helps to evenly distribute natural scalp oils along the hair shaft, enhancing shine, reducing frizz, and improving overall hair health.

Reasons for Choosing One-Key Self-Cleaning Hair Brush:

  • Innovative 3D central airbag and bristle design for effective detangling and massaging
  • One-click self-cleaning function for hassle-free maintenance
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and styling
  • Keeps your hair and scalp clean and healthy
Feature Specification
Brand One-Key
Model Self-Cleaning Hair Brush
Material ABS, TPE, Nylon
Size 26 x 8.2 x 5.5 cm
Weight 144 g
Bristle Length 2.5 cm
Handle Length 12.5 cm
Cleaning Mechanism One-Click Self-Cleaning
Compatibility All Hair Types and Textures

How to Use: 

  • Brush Through Hair: Gently brush through hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots to minimize breakage.
  • Activate Self-Cleaning: Once finished, simply press the one-key button to release and remove all collected hair from the brush.
  • Enjoy a Clean Brush: In seconds, your hairbrush is clean, hair-free, and ready for the next use.

For assistance, our customer service helpline is available at +91 9336186133 or via email at

About The Brand

One-Key is a leading brand in the hair care industry, known for its innovative and high-quality hair care products. With a commitment to providing the best hair care solutions, One-Key combines advanced technology with premium materials to create products that are both effective and easy to use.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Provides a relaxing scalp massage
  • Reduces hair breakage and damage
  • Keeps your hair and scalp clean and healthy
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • May not be suitable for very thick or coarse hair. Solution: To avoid any issues with thick or coarse hair, gently work through small sections at a timen.:
  • Self-cleaning function may require multiple clicks to fully clean the brush. Solution: If the self-cleaning function does not fully clean the brush, remove any remaining hair manually.
  • FAQ

    Q: Is the One-Key Self Cleaning Hair Brush suitable for all hair types?
    A: Yes, this hairbrush is suitable for all hair types and textures.

    Q: Can I use this hairbrush on wet hair?
    A: Yes, the One-Key Self Cleaning Hair Brush can be used on both wet and dry hair.

    Q: How often should I clean the brush?
    A: We recommend cleaning the brush after every use to maintain its hygiene and performance.

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