3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream for Face: Skin Moisturizer 92g
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3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream for Face: Skin Moisturizer 92g

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3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Face Cream Moisturizer for Chapped and Cracked Skin

Are you tired of battling dry, scaly, and itchy skin? Experience superior skin protection and care with the 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream. This advanced moisturizing formula is designed to treat and proactively prevent skin problems. This Cream is more than just a moisturizer for dry skin; it's a comprehensive skincare solution that addresses many concerns.

Experience instant relief with our effective itchy skin relief formula, ideal for minor skin irritations, scaly skin, and all skin types. Dermatologically tested, it offers deep hydration without the greasy residue, making it perfect for daily use.

It acts as a shield, protecting your skin from irritants and rejuvenating it with advanced skin protection. Its quick absorption and non-greasy texture make it a high-quality barrier cream. Experience long-lasting hydration and the benefits of premium skin care with Cavilon. 

Its unique formulation targets the very root of skin dryness, providing deep and lasting hydration ensuring your skin remains soft, supple, and radiant. Moreover, it's your first defense against minor skin irritations, sealing in moisture and sealing out potential irritants.

Say goodbye to multiple skin products. With Cavilon, you have an all-in-one solution that offers intensive care for your skin irritation woes. Whether you want to rejuvenate or protect your skin against external elements, trust Cavilon to be your reliable companion. So, why wait? Dive into a world where your skin feels alive, vibrant, and utterly pampered!

3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream is the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect their skin from the harsh effects of daily life. Whether you're working in a harsh environment or simply dealing with dry skin, this barrier cream will provide the protection your skin needs. 

Features of 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream- Ultimate Skin Relief for Face:

DEEP MOISTURIZATION: Specially formulated to treat and prevent dry, scaly, itchy skin, ensuring long-lasting hydration and softness.

SKIN IRRITATION SHIELD: Actively protects against minor skin irritations, giving you a peaceful and comfortable day.

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: Say goodbye to numerous skin products. Cavilon offers comprehensive skin care, saving time and money.

SUITABLE FOR ALL: Dermatologically tested, our barrier cream is safe for all skin types, ensuring everyone can experience supple, radiant skin.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: A little goes a long way! Thanks to its rich formula, only a small amount is needed for effective results.

TRUSTED QUALITY: Rely on Cavilon's years of expertise in skincare. We prioritize your skin's health and beauty.

EASY APPLICATION: The non-greasy formula ensures easy application and quick absorption, making it ideal for daily use.

Why Choose 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream 3355

3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream 3355 is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their skin from daily wear and tear. This product is designed to provide long-lasting protection, so you don't have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day. It's also easy to apply, so you can use it quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

Benefits of 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream:

1. Protects against skin irritants, such as urine, faeces, and wound exudates.
2. Helps maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin.
3. Promotes skin comfort and reduces the risk of skin breakdown.
4. Suitable for individuals with skin conditions like eczema, and dermatitis, or those who frequently wear masks.

Directions for Use:

  1. Cleanse the face thoroughly and pat it dry.
  2. Apply a thin, even layer of 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream to the desired area.
  3. Reapply as needed, especially after washing or incontinence care.

Intended Use:
3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream for Face is intended for individuals looking to protect, soothe, and moisturize their facial skin, particularly those with sensitive skin or specific skin conditions. It's especially useful for individuals who may be at risk of skin breakdown due to incontinence or medical treatments.

Product Specification 





Product Name 

Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream 3355 


3.25Oz, Each 




Barrier Cream 

Skin Type 


Best Time to Use

This product can be used anytime, but it is best used during the dry months of January, February, and March. 

 About the brand 

3M is a global science and technology company with over 90,000 employees worldwide. For over 100 years, 3M has been dedicated to developing innovative products that improve people's lives. The company has a diverse product portfolio that spans industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, electronics, and more. 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream 3355 is part of the 3M skincare range, providing effective skin protection and moisturization solutions. 

Safety Information 

3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream is safe to use. However, it is always recommended to follow the instructions for use and avoid contact with the eyes.  Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children. Before using this product, it is important to consult a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing skin conditions or allergies. 

Other Details

  • ASIN : B009UKXM2Y
  • Size : 3.25 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Color : n.a.
  • Demensions : 6 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Model : 70200652546
  • Manufacturer : 3M
  • Weight : 92 g

About The Brand

3M Healthcare Corp

Pros and cons

  • Provides long-lasting protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Does not clog pores
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • May cause itching in some individuals. If you experience itching, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
  • May not be suitable for individuals with extremely sensitive skin. For individuals with extremely sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended before full use.
  • FAQ

    Q: What is the size of the product?
    A: The product size is 3.25oz, each.

    Q: Is the product fragranced?
    A: No, the product is fragrance-free.

    Q: Is the product suitable for all skin types?
    A: Yes, the product is suitable for all skin types.

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