Soap Dispensing Shoe Cleaning Brush With Handle and Soft Bristle- 2PCS
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Soap Dispensing Shoe Cleaning Brush With Handle and Soft Bristle- 2PCS Green

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Soft Bristle Shoe Cleaner Brush With Long Handle For Cleaning Clothes and Shoes:

Shoe Brush Cleaner with Long Handle

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with the Maxbell Shoe Cleaning Brush For Clothes and Shoes with Soap Dispensing, your go-to tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your shoes and clothes. Experience a cleaner, revitalized life with this brush—it's more than just a cleaning tool, it's a lifestyle upgrade where every detail shines.

Features and Benefits Of Shoe Cleaning Brush: 

Soft Bristles Shoe Cleaner Brush for Gentle Cleaning: 

Gentle on fabrics and leathers, the Shoe brush's soft bristles remove dirt and stains without causing damage, ensuring your shoes and clothes look their best.
Benefit: Extends the life of your belongings by maintaining their condition, saving you money and time on replacements.

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensing Feature:

Soap Dispensing Shoe Brush For Cleaning

No need to dab detergent repeatedly. The automatic liquid brush dispenses the cleaning fluid as you scrub, making the process smoother.

Multipurpose Cleaning Solution:

Multipurpose Shoe Cleaning Brush With Long Handle and Liquid Soap Dispensing

Not just for shoes! Use the Maxbell Soap Dispensing Shoe Cleaning Brush on clothing boards, hats, or any wearable requiring a gentle scrub.

Durable and Ergonomic Design Shoe Brush With Handle:

Shoe Cleaner Brush with Long Handle

Designed with user comfort in mind, the shoe brush cleaner is easy to hold and use, making your cleaning tasks more efficient and less tedious.
Benefit: Enhances your cleaning experience, allowing for quick and thorough maintenance of your footwear and apparel.

How To Use Shoe Brush Cleaner: 

  1. Fill the Reservoir: Unscrew the top and fill with your preferred cleaning liquid.
  2. Gently Scrub: Using soft, circular motions, begin brushing your shoes or clothes.
  3. Avoid Excess Water: Ensure that the brush is not overly wet when cleaning items that are sensitive to water.
  4. Rinse and Dry: After cleaning, rinse your shoes or clothes and let them air dry.

Other Details

  • Weight : 145 g
  • FAQ

    Q. Is the Maxbell shoe brush safe for all shoe materials?
    A. Absolutely! The soft bristles are designed to be gentle on all materials, from leather to canvas.

    Q. How often should I replace the cleaning liquid in the brush?
    A. Depending on usage, it's advisable to replace or refill the cleaning liquid once it's near depletion to ensure effective cleaning.

    Q. Can I use any cleaning liquid in the brush?
    A. Yes, but for best results and to ensure the longevity of the brush, avoid very harsh chemicals or bleach.

    Q. Are the brushes sold in pairs or individually?
    A. The package includes 2 brushes (2PCS) in green color.

    Q. How do I clean the brush after use?
    A. Simply rinse the brush under running water and let it air dry.

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