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3M Marine Grade Silicone Sealant, 08019, For Boats and RVs, Above the Waterline Interior/Exterior Sealing, Moisture Curing, Clear, 3 fl oz Tube

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Marine Grade Silicone Sealant 08019 - Ultimate Sealing Solution for Boats and RVs | Moisture Curing, Clear Formula - 3 fl oz Tube

Discover Marine Grade Silicone Sealant 08019, your go-to solution for superior above-the-waterline sealing in boats and RVs. This clear, moisture-curing formula ensures interior and exterior protection. Seal with confidence - Shop Now for a leak-free adventure

Features And Benefits:

  1. Marine-Grade Perfection:

    • Feature: Specially formulated for marine use, ensuring maximum durability and resilience against water exposure.
    • Benefit: Provides a robust seal above the waterline in boats and RVs, offering long-lasting protection against moisture and environmental elements.
  2. Versatile Interior/Exterior Sealing:

    • Feature: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, offering flexibility in sealing various surfaces.
    • Benefit: Seamlessly seals gaps and joints, ensuring a watertight and airtight barrier. Ideal for a range of applications, from cabin interiors to external fittings.
  3. Moisture Curing Technology:

    • Feature: Advanced moisture-curing formula for quick and efficient sealing.
    • Benefit: Enables a fast curing process, saving you time on your projects. No need to wait around for extended drying periods; the sealant sets rapidly for immediate use.
  4. Crystal Clear Finish:

    • Feature: Clear silicone for an aesthetic finish without compromising functionality.
    • Benefit: Maintains a transparent appearance, blending seamlessly with surfaces. Perfect for visible seals where aesthetics matter.
  5. Compact 3 fl oz Tube:

    • Feature: Convenient 3 fl oz size for easy handling and storage.
    • Benefit: Just the right amount for various sealing tasks, ensuring minimal waste. The compact size makes it travel-friendly for on-the-go repairs.

How It Works:

  1. Clean Surface:

    • Ensure the surface is clean and free from dirt, grease, and old sealant residues.
  2. Cut the Nozzle:

    • Cut the nozzle at a 45-degree angle to the desired bead size.
  3. Apply Sealant:

    • Squeeze the tube, applying the sealant in a continuous bead along the intended sealing line.
  4. Tool if Necessary:

    • If needed, use a tool (like a putty knife) to smooth the sealant for a neat finish.
  5. Allow to Cure:

    • Let the sealant cure. The moisture-curing technology ensures a rapid setting.
  6. Enjoy Waterproof Protection:

    • Once cured, experience a waterproof and durable seal, protecting your boat or RV from the elements.

Safety Considerations:

  • Keep away from water during the curing process.
  • Avoid dropping the tube to prevent damage.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines.

Common Problems And Solutions:

  • Problem: Uneven Sealant Application.

    • Solution: Use a tool to smooth the sealant for an even finish.
  • Problem: Difficulty in Tube Handling.

    • Solution: Cut the nozzle at a slight angle for better control.

Customer Assistance:

For further assistance, contact our helpline at +91 9336186133 or email

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