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We suggest our customers to insure the product(s) they have purchased. At times, the product gets lost or damaged in transit due to unforeseen situations. In such cases, the entire amount is refunded to the customer.

If you wish to buy the same product again, you have to place another order. Any queries regarding your order will be solved through standard email or ticket support.

However, if you have an insurance policy and the product is lost or damaged during transportation, you can either opt for a complete refund or choose to receive the same product again. You will get the new product as soon as possible without going through the hassles of reordering. Moreover, you can call customer support anytime to check the order status and get assistance on priority basis.

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  1. By clicking on Yes, you agree to pay an additional 2.5% of the product value as insurance. This amount will be added to your total amount payable. For example, if the value of your product is INR 3000, you will pay INR 75 (2.5% of 3000) as insurance. Hence, the total amount payable will be INR 3075.
  2. Please note that insurance is applicable for products up to a maximum value of INR 25000 only. Products exceeding INR 25000 won’t be eligible for insurance.