Is purchasing from The USA worth the risk?

There are many factors that contribute to purchasing from an online retailer. It surmounts to a lot of risks when shopping for goods from the USA in India.

With a lot to consider, ranging from choices of items and deals, to exchange rates and delivery charges that occur when shopping American goods.

But what exactly are the risks that one ascertains to purchasing products where not many retailers do? It’s not a niche industry to import goods from across the big pond. Here’s why:


With prices scaffolding heights which makes one almost consider that the seller is ripping the customer off, most people do not attempt to play with fate and withdraw from any notion of purchasing internationally. Prices can often disregard customers into actually purchasing from the USA, and rather opt for a cheaper, yet local, alternative.


Depending on the country you’re from, the duties vary. Neglecting to pay off the duties for an item purchased internationally may result in a bill-back with a surplus in charge to the issuing dealer. In lieu with the above point on the cost, duties adds to the bill – which in turn could wade off potential international customers.

Product Law

Keeping up with policies and laws of each and every product can not only be daunting, but a risk to utilize the product to its full potential as well. More often than not, products bought from the US may not work in another country as they may not be safety compliant.

Returns are a hassle

Returning local items are easy. The same can’t be said for products bought internationally.

Labor and shipping compliance

It would imply that international shipping takes a lot of labor to deliver your purchase from it’s warehouse to your address. Wages, fees, and all in all, a heavy bill to delivery your goods – both in terms of labor and in terms of being shipping compliant.


An important factor anywhere in the world, time can be a big turning point for an international customer. Waiting periods take about a week or more. Patience often tends to run out as customers feel that their purchases may never make it.

Now with these points, its clearly evident that there are risks pertaining to shopping online internationally. Yet, comes with a blessing in disguise!!

With each product you order from – you can be sure to receive a reasonable price which includes shipping and delivery. Duties are covered in detail as you purchase and product compliances are covered to your knowledge.

With every purchase – an estimated time of arrival is provided to ensure you know when your product comes to your doorstep.

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